From ‘HOLLYWOOD’ to ‘HOLLYBOOB’ – the Iconic Sign Got a Makeover…Breast Stunt Ever?

Six people got arrested after altering the iconic "HOLLYWOOD" sign, changing letters to "HOLLYBOOB" for breast cancer awareness.

Photo: Hollywood @tweetsauce | Twitter

The violators were arrested Monday after scaling steep terrain around the iconic Hollywood sign and strategically changing it to convey what they said was a breast cancer awareness message, according to police.

The iconic Hollywood sign got a makeover, and though what went down is technically a might be worth the time for supporting a good cause. The police were notified of what was going on and tracked the group as they made their way down the hill and caught them.

Photo: Julia Rose | Twitter

According to sources, one of those involved is the model Julia Rose, who told cops they did this to raise breast cancer awareness, but they will also be cited for trespassing before they are released.

Rose who is no stranger to breast-related stunts is currently with Hollywood police being processed.

Although it is quite interesting with the timing of the stunt. If you think of it, Breast Cancer Awareness month is in October, so it seems these people are way too early for this BC awareness drive.

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