Chris Hemsworth Keeps Getting Bigger, Stunt Double Wishes the Actor to Stop Gaining Muscle

Chris Hemsworth keeps getting bigger, stunt double wishes the actor to stop gaining muscle.

If you’re among the nearly 47 million people who follow Chris Hemsworth on Instagram, he’s filming Thor: Love and Thunder, and he’s absolutely even more ripped now.

Photo: Courtesy of Chris Hemsworth | Instagram

Chris Hemsworth has always been in superb physical condition, but he’s even more striking than usual right now. It’s great news for fans who want to see Thor beat some enemies to death; however, it’s not the best news for his stand-in who has to bulk up to mirror the God of Thunder.

Photo: Courtesy of Chris Hemsworth | Instagram

Bobby Holland Hanton, a very in-demand body double and stunt performer, who has been working with Chris Hemsworth since 2013, found out the hard way these last few months. Hanton guested on the Australian radio show Fitzy and Wippa to talk about Thor: Love and Thunder, and he disclosed about the whole process. Actually, he’s been eating every two hours to the point where it’s not even fun anymore.

"Everyone's like, 'Wow, look at the size of him,' and I'm like, 'Yeah, it's brilliant, now I have to put on that size too,'" Hanton said. "I text him and I'm like, 'Thanks very much, dude, it's going to be even harder this time.'”

Hanton had to increase his food consumption to gain more muscles as Hemsworth has taken his physique to a new level to play the iconic Thor in the latest installment of the MCU franchise, “Thor: Love and Thunder,” which is currently being filmed in Australia.

Last November, Chris Hemsworth posted a photo of himself flipping a tire, and his incredibly ripped physique prompted the image going viral. (See photo here...)

“We train together all the time and we’re on the same diet regime,” Hanton said. “He’s now the biggest Thor he’s ever been, so I need to be the biggest I’ve ever been. It’s a big challenge but I’m up for it,” Hanton added. “Every two hours we’re eating. It's become a chore. I don't enjoy eating at all. It's full-on."

Hanton has worked with other famous actors before including Henry Cavill, Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gylenhaal and many more. Being able to pull it off requires the ability to shape your body up or down depending on who you’re working with.

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