BTS’s Kim Taehyung’s Uniquely Hilarious Experience on The Tennis Court

Kim Taehyung or popularly known as BTS’s V, has had a uniquely hilarious experience on the tennis court.

Photo: Courtesy of Kim Taehyung | Twitter

V has recently learned that even the way he plays tennis is uncommon to most people.

His latest feat, however, has proven that V is truly one in a million…

When V was playing a match with Jin during their Episode 130 of Run BTS, V did something that most tennis players can’t even do on purpose – Get the ball stuck in the opening of the racket.

The boys were convinced that the odds of this happening are basically slim to none, and because of that incident, V deserves to receiving a point for this hilarious experience.

Photo: Kim Taehyung | Twitter

V may have proven himself to be fortunate by doing things that can only happen rarely, however, all V really wanted was to win the match with Jin.

Photo: Kim Taehyung | Twitter

We’re even wondering if Pro Tennis Players can do what he just did…

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