BTS V’s Mixtape Confirmed to Have 13 Tracks Curated with Love for BTS ARMY

Big Hit Entertainment released a video featuring all BTS members. In the ‘BE-hind Story’ teaser, the members talk about their experiences of working on this album and they also discuss going through low phases. Making ARMY’s day extremely good, V unveiled the inside details about his much-awaited mixtape.

Photo: Courtesy of Kim Taehyung | Twitter

When Kim Taehyung (V) shared hints about working on his own mixtape, BTS ARMY have been totally excited awaiting its release. Although busy with their upcoming albums, the septet has also been working on their solo projects. V has officially revealed that his mixtape will contain 13 tracks especially curated for the BTS ARMY.

The ARMY will not be able to hold their excitement. V also unveiled a sneak peek from his songs and he made ARMY hear a little piece from the mixtape. With the latest announcement of 13 curated songs with love for ARMY, this will definitely make V rule the social media trends.

In a YouTube video, where it shows snippets of the members’ conversations, the “BE-hind Story” teaser included some information about V’s mixtape near the end of the video clip.

Check out the video below!

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