BTS V’s History of Being a Victim of Bullying Resurfaces Online

In the middle of all the latest celebrity bullying scandals hitting the headlines, an old story about an Afreeca TV BJ (broadcasting jockey) who unveiled that BTS’s V was his ‘service boy’ in school has resurfaced.

Photo: Courtesy of Kim Taehyung | Twitter

During that time, when hearing this story from the BJ, a lot of viewers asked him if he was close with the singer. The BJ’s reply in the chat was totally surprising.

I don’t make friends with ba**ards like that? Ok? I am a little jealous of him now but I wasn’t friends with him, we were more of a food chain relationship. We aren’t friends so stop trying to say that we are, we’re not. Yeah, we were a food chain relationship. Man, I should have just become a trainee. F* if I just practiced like crazy for a few years I would have been better off than that bas*ards. Now I just have to hear things like this and get cursed at by Hyung’s after starting this Afreeca TV live stream…my heart really hurts. It looks like BTS is starting to gain popularity again? Tahyung you really succeeded haven’t you. You used to do be our ‘snack shuttle’ and now you’re more successful than me.

— Afreeca TV BJ

Following this incident, the BJ posted an apology video online for his actions four years later in 2019. The video has since been switched to private and no longer available for public view.

I heard the story about V’s past birthday party incident and I want to inform you that that was not me. The reason why I am posting this video is due to my past live stream from 2015 where I said some harsh things to BTS’s V. I understand my mistake and am truly regretting it and am reflecting and will continue to reflect on my actions. The stories about the snack shuttle and the birthday party are being spread online. Firstly, the snack shuttle was not something that I directly requested from V. I am truly sorry for my mistakes and even though it has been four years since that live stream, I still live with regret and reflection.

 — Afreeca TV BJ

Before, Kim Taehyung (V) has shared and mentioned a birthday party incident about a friend where he was bullied by telling him the wrong location of the party. The Afreeca TV BJ clarified that he was not the one who bullied him for this incident.

You can watch the past live stream of the BJ talking about BTS’ V below.

Source: issuebox and insight

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