Why is Lady Gaga Going Crazy About Her New Boyfriend?

The famous 34-year-old singer has been in a romantic relationship with tech investor, Michael Polansky, since the end of 2019. Sources have now said the couple are still “very happy” together.

Photo: Courtesy of Lady Gaga | Instagram

According to sources, they say Gaga was particularly happy to have Michael Polansky by her side at President Joe Biden’s inauguration last week, where he was “content to hang in the background” and supported his girlfriend, who was there to perform the national anthem at the inauguration.

Photo: Courtesy of Lady Gaga & Michael Polansky | Instagram

"Gaga had a blast at the Inauguration and was in the best spirits. She's very happy with Michael and feels grateful for his support,” One source said.

Lady Gaga is “crazy about” her boyfriend, Michael Polansky.

"He was content to hang in the background and blended in. To the few people Gaga met backstage inside the Capitol, she'd say, “This is my boyfriend.” Sources also said that "On the outside, Gaga and Michael seem very different. When they step out together, Michael always looks casual in jeans and a cap, while Gaga is usually more noticeable.

Gaga and Michael were first seen together when they rang in 2020 at a New Year’s Eve bash in Las Vegas, before the ‘Shallow’ hitmaker made their relationship Instagram official a month later in February.

For the ‘Million Reasons’ singer, the romance comes as she is feeling “happier” in recent months. The source said, "She's happy, healthy and in a good place.”

"Michael has his own life and work, but they also have shared passions, so it's a nice balance. Things are going really well."

Both Lady Gaga and Michael are hardworking people, who love working together on charity projects. They both have not been sitting idly during the lockdown but rather focused on where they can do good for the community. They want to help out where they possibly can.

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