South Korea’s Pride: BTS Paved the Way

BTS paved the way and was acknowledged as South Korea’s Pride by South Korean President Moon Jae. BTS came out of a small company, were mistreated and weren’t taken seriously by others, and struggled financially.

Photo: Courtesy of BTS | Twitter

They literally couldn’t make popularity off of previous popular groups. BTS got to where they are right now through hard work, dedication, genuine messages, and genius marketing on Big Hit’s behalf.

BTS serves as the “Leader of Korean culture”, said the President. They are the boy group who had the most impact and opened the doors for the international market, opening it for future generation.

Even Korea’s Culture Ministry said that “BTS is providing a way forward to K-Pop”, following the success of their concerts.

Now on to how BTS paved the way, others might be wondering, what made the group become a world sensation. So, let us take a look some of the facts to prove it.

In 2017, BTS became a breakout hit in America. They came out with their hit song DNA and later MIC Drop, both who were massive hits.

Photo: Courtesy of BTS | Instagram

BTS started attending and sometimes performing at big award shows like the AMAs, BBMAs, and even the Grammys. They were the first K-pop group who was no.1 on Billboard 200 and the Billboard Hot 100.

They were the most tweeted about celebrities in 2017. They were the first K-pop group to perform on US live television. The first group since The Beatles to have three number one hits in the span of one year.

Photo: Courtesy of BTS | Instagram

When BTS rose to fame internationally, more and more K-pop groups have been gaining western recognition.

All of the talented K-pop groups we know today have gotten recognition in the western market because BTS standardized this recognition.

A lot of people found K-pop through BTS, which eventually helped the K-pop genre in popularity.

Photo: Courtesy of BTS | Instagram

Volumes of tweets, comments, likes and posts of people saying they want recommendations for groups like BTS, and of course, K-pop stans were able to give those recommendations.

Some experts view the success of BTS as a forerunner of a revolutionary cultural change. Their success in the US mainstream market was the result of the many years of endeavor to crack the US market.

Photo: Courtesy of  BTS | Twitter

Before BTS, K-pop was portrayed in the US as just a phenomenon that sometimes went viral on the internet and that only enjoyed popularity outside the country. But this changed when BTS arrived.

South Korean boyband BTS is breaking through the roof of Asian pop culture in the United States.

Photo: Courtesy of BTS | Twitter

BTS is the owner of albums to be distributed in the western market, leading the way for K-pop to be massively accepted in other countries or I would rather say the rest of the world. This gives K-pop more exposure in the music industry.

The seven-member-boyband has already made American expansion. This is a clear evidence that the group has already made a world domination in the music industry. This is not an easy feat for a boyband to get this global acceptance in a competitive industry.

Photo: Courtesy of BTS | Twitter

Despite debuting in 2013 and being a third-generation of K-Pop group, BTS delivered a colossal force within a short period of time for K-Pop to be accepted widely by American market, and the rest of the world.

When BTS started breaking all these records, attending all these BIG shows, accumulating all these views and followers and the likes, and going to every interview they’re invited to, people started seeing their faces everywhere. Their fan base grew larger not by hundreds or thousands but Millions…

Photo: Courtesy of BTS | Twitter

BTS’s increasing global presence in developed markets over the past several years paved the way for partnerships between other K-Pop artists, US labels, and massive global fan base expansion. The boys paved the way, and continues their world domination in music…

Recently, BTS's 'Dynamite' was officially confirmed to be the number 1 best-selling music in the USA for 2020 as well as topping the charts in Billboard's Global Top 10 in 2021...


The Global Excl. U.S. top 10 (chart dated Jan. 16, 2021)


— billboard charts (@billboardcharts) January 11, 2021

BTS proved that K-pop, a genre in a completely different language from the other side of the planet, could be big. They proved that they didn’t need to worry about a language barrier to become global success.

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