People Are Losing Their Minds with The New Season of The Bachelor Taking Off

People are losing their minds with the new season of The Bachelor taking off. It’s Matt James’ turn as the Bachelor, and he is settling in quite nicely to his Monday night slot. He is having quite the effect on his bachelor participants.

Photo: Courtesy of Matt James | Twitter

The new Bachelor is taking off his shirt and making out with women dressed as brides while the women seem to be losing their minds. A whole bunch of ladies are all receiving kisses from the man himself. “The new season of The Bachelor is taking off…literally,” the voiceover says as Matt sheds his clothes. “And Monday, they’re all in. But you’ve never seen them go all out like this.”

ABC’s description of the episode says, “Matt is intoxicating although the atmosphere among the women is plain toxic.” Meanwhile, that wedding date is actually the largest group date in Bachelor history, with the women all dressed as brides for a messy-looking photoshoot.

Let’s go over some basic info of Matt’s season in The Bachelor season 25. For starters, there are more than 30 women competing for his heart, which is a little unusual. The women range in age from 21 to 32. And, the whole new season was filmed in a bubble set in Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in western Pennsylvania, based on what the Bachelor Nation knows so far.

Bachelor Nation is still trying to find out about what Matt is looking for in a woman, but Matt is a real estate broker, entrepreneur, community organization founder and former pro football player. He also seems really fun, based on all of the Tiktoks he and Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron created with their “Quarantine Crew” during the COVID-19 pandemic and faith is also important to James after he started off the season with a group prayer.

Matt James was supposed to be a contestant on Clare Crawley’s season. However, he was pulled from the casting list and named the new lead, which has never happened before in Bachelor history. ABC announced James as the new Bachelor in June while production for Crawley’s season was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. James also made history as the first Black lead on the fan-favorite franchise.


Unauthorized Leaks Getting Out of Control

Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a crazy ride! No shirt, no problem according to the ABC promos. You got to believe that there are already some exciting spoilers to go with all those dramatic teasers from the show. The Bachelor season 25 has only just started and the winner has already been leaked. The network is so mad about the unauthorized spoilers that they will do whatever it takes to ensure that this is prevented in the future.

“If the source of the leak can be found, legal action will take place to set an example,” according to the source. “Everyone on the show has been reminded that they signed a non-disclosure-agreements.”

According to the source, “The show’s PR department strategically leaks information and teases each season to get publicity and viewers excited. However, the number of unauthorized leaks has gotten out of control. To have the winner leaked before the first episode even airs is terrible. Producers are livid.”

“There is talk about filming ‘red herring’ endings, when the show gets down to the last few standing,” reveals an insider. A ‘red herring’ is a clue or hint that intends to be misleading or distracting from the reality of the situation.

“There is a chance Matt might have been the leak himself without knowing it. He is very na├»ve about how all this works and might have told friends who told the press,” adds a friend.

The handsome bachelor James is new to the TV game, so he might not have any idea how stringent the rules are. Matt James is the first Bachelor since Juan Pablo, to not be a former contestant on The Bachelorette before becoming a lead.

Currently producers are considering at different options to make sure this situation doesn’t happen again.


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