K-Pop Boyband Seventeen will be Performing on CBS’ The Late Late Show with James Corden

K-pop boyband Seventeen will be performing on the Late Late Show with James Corden. K-pop or Korean pop has been making waves all around the globe. One such fame K-pop band which is widely loved by the audience is Seventeen.

Pledis Entertainment, the band’s agency, recently announced that the members of the band will be making their debut on CBS’s The Late Late Show with James Corden. They are also going to perform on the said show.

Photo: Courtesy of  Seventeen | Instagram

The Seventeen members will be appearing on the show and this will be the band’s debut appearance on any American show. The band is going to perform one of their hit songs Home;Run. This song is from their latest album Semicolon.

The Late Late Show with James Corden is a widely acclaimed late night show of CBS in America. The show often grabs international attention as celebrities from various countries made guest appearances on the said show. The talk show often features K-Pop idols and in recent news the boyband Seventeen will be performing on the show.

The producers of the show said that they make a loud fun show every night. They also said that they are not trying to make a quiet show so that people will just sleep at the hour.  Seventeen’s recent album Semicolon was released back in October 2020. The song Home;Run has an upbeat tune and a pop vibe. The lyrics of the song convey the passion of the youth. The lyrics are also deemed comforting to the listeners.

The episode of the band’s guesting will air on January 7th. The air time of the episode is going to be at 12:37 AM EST. The band consists of 13 members who are divided into three sub-groups based on the members’ musical specialty. The three units are the vocal unit, hip hop unit, and performance unit. 

Photo: Courtesy of Seventeen | Instagram

The band has already delivered some of the biggest hits. Some of the most popular songs of the band are Don’t Wanna Cry which has 173 million views on YouTube, Left & Right which has 73 million views, Very Nice has 84 million views and Home;Run which has 45 million views on YouTube.


Seventeen has already made appearances on several American broadcast prior to this event. They were part of the Fox5’s talk show Good Day New York, where they grace the viewers with an exciting performance and interview.


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