Find Out What Olivia Rodrigo Thinks About the “Driver’s License” Rumors

Find out what Olivia Rodrigo thinks about the “Driver’s License” rumors.

The High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star has fascinated her fans around the world with her number one debut single, “Driver’s License.”

Photo: Courtesy of Olivia Rodrigo | Instagram

The song has skyrocketed the star to the top of the billboard charts since its January 8 release. Somehow it instantaneously sparked a craze among the listeners about the song’s touching story.

The rumor has since stirred that the hit single is about Olivia’s on-screen love interest, Joshua Bassett. According to Olivia Rodrigo, she doesn’t anyone to worry on what or who her hit song is all about.

“I totally understand people’s curiosity with the specifics of who the song’s about and what it’s about,” she answered to Billboard, “but to me, that’s really the least important part of the song.”

"It's resonating with people because of how emotional it is," she added, "and I think everything else is not important."

Photo: Joshua Bassett & Olivia Rodrigo @betternhc | Twitter

Still, the emotion and sincerity of the single is not lost on Olivia. "The song is super vulnerable and raw," she explained to the website, "and I was so terrified to put it out because of some of the things I said. It was like, my deepest insecurities in a four-minute song."

"To see it do really well—to have this really painful moment in my life, and turn it into something beautiful that can maybe help people through a tough time that they're having, like I was having a tough time—it's just so empowering," she explained. "And I feel grateful that I got to do that."

While she went out on an emotional pain, the singer is feeling the payoff in the song's impact.

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