BTS’s Jungkook Breaks A Record on TikTok Without Having an Account?

BTS's Jungkook breaks a record on TikTok without having an account?

We recently found out that BTS’s Jungkook has gathered over 30 billion views on his hashtag on TikTok. This is doubling his total since August last year.

Photo: Courtesy of Jungkook | Twitter

The K-pop idol doesn’t even have an account on the platform but has become the first individual to cross the 30 billion viewership on the viral app.

Jungkook broke the 15.6 billion views on his hashtag back in August, surpassing the Indian film star Salman Khan who happens to be the individual with the most views on the platform.

Photo: Courtesy of Jungkook | Instagram

All of the BTS members racked up an impressive number of views on their individual hashtags, with all of them being over 11 billion each.

Although the hashtags might not provide content directly from the band members, users have been really enjoying the fan-generated clips around their favorite idols and including their past performances.

BTS, as a band, does have an account on TikTok which also accumulated an impressive 27.2 million followers on the platform too. Considering that Jungkook only took six months to double the views on his hashtag, there’s no doubt that there would be a lot more to come this year.

Photo: Courtesy of BTS | Instagram

All BTS boys were in top 10 of the list. Based on Google data, Jungkook took the number one spot, followed by V, Jimin in third place, Suga on fourth spot, Jin came in at seventh place, while RM landed on ninth place and J-Hope at 10th place on the list.

Photo: Courtesy of BTS | Twitter

The group is no stranger to making and breaking records in the music industry as well as in social media. BTS’s Map of the Soul ON:E online concert also made a record on the highest searches of the year on Google, landing on the fifth place for the most-searched concert globally.

Jungkook himself, on the other hand, also landed on the top of the list for the most-searched K-pop idol for 2020.


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