BTS' Member Suga Remains Hopeful After Undergoing Surgery

BTS member Suga remains hopeful after undergoing surgery. He has undergone a procedure for an old injury with his current health condition. The singer talked about his music and the pain he sustained for long before finally getting the surgery done. “The pain is one thing, but when my shoulders got worse, I couldn’t even raise my arms,” said the 27-year-old singer.

Photo: Courtesy of  Suga | Instagram

Suga has been temporarily excluded from the group's recent appearance in promoting their latest album 'BE', due to his medical condition. The singer was not able to participate in 2020 performances including December's Melon Music Awards, the annual SBS Gayo Daejeon Festival, and The Disney Holiday Singalong.

During a virtual show, a remarkable cyber version of Suga appeared (hologram) in compliance with the COVID-19 health protocol. Giving perception into the fun behind the scenes the singer recalled how the “Fake Suga” came about: “There’s this 3D studio where we shot it. I shot, scanned, and acted there, but I couldn’t see the actual result at the studio. I thought a sense of displacement was unavoidable and that was exactly the case.”

“I could see the emptiness onstage because we’ve been together as a group of seven for so long,” said Suga. “Not necessarily because I’m not there, but because something that should be there is missing.” About his recovery, he said, “Apparently, it takes several months for a full recovery. But I’m trying to get better as fast as possible.” And he remains positive, “I think it’ll get even better once I take off this brace.”

Suga’s health problem started after he was involved in a vehicular accident while working as a delivery boy trainee, “after being hit by a car. His shoulder was dislocated. He didn’t tell Big Hit Entertainment because he wasn’t supposed to be working. But when they found out, they helped him recover.” The incident may have been as early as 2016, when he addressed his medical plight in his solo song, “The Last.” Translated to English, he sang, “My shoulder which shattered/ Thanks to the accident I met/ During my part-time job.”

Big Hit Entertainment revealed, back in 2019, that Suga was diagnosed with a “posterior labral tear of his left shoulder,” which means the cartilage around his shoulder joint was torn.

Good news is, the label also announced last year that Suga's November 3 surgery to repair his shoulder labrum was successful. "Please understand this is time is my chance to prepare to meet you again strong and healthy. Even if I must be away for a short while, please wait for me to come back to you," Suga said adding his comment to the official statement from Big Hit. Although there is still no definite date when Suga will be able to perform again with the rest of the group, but Big Hit said last year that he would begin his physical therapy shortly after his successful procedure.

Talking about BTS's latest album 'BE' Suga said, "I don't think it took less than a week to make the part I participated in on the album. 'Life Goes On' also wrote one or two more melodies and made a version of all the raps, but I liked it, so I made a separate arrangement or lyrics. Rather than worrying about how to do it, you first play the music and write it."

Suga feels that he has changed a lot and last year has been a significant year in his life in terms of growth, since his debut with the group. Despite earning a Grammy nomination this year and conquering Billboard charts, the rap artist still feels there's a need to be covered in terms of music...

Photo: Courtesy of  BTS | Instagram
BTS fans are looking forward to Suga’s full recovery so we will see him soon back on stage with the rest of the boys.

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