BTS Member Suga Finally Learns the Guitar

BTS Member Suga finally learns the guitar. Suga from BTS reveals what motivated him to finally learning to play the guitar. It was his dedication to music that is awe inspiring!
BTS Member Suga Finally Learns the Guitar
Photo: Courtesy of BTS Suga | Instagram
In his recent interview with Weverse that was released online, Suga talked about a lot of things from his personal life to his professional one. Suga revealed during the interview about his taste in music and how he learned to play the guitar.
I especially like impromptu music. I love the songs that were made in one take of being recorded in several times. In this era of crossover genres, the desire to do better in music is growing inside me.
Suga also told Weverse the reason why he chose the guitar in the first place—
I always liked using guitar sounds. And I have always liked the Eagles. If you play the guitar, it’s way easier to write songs because you can carry it along wherever you go, pluck on the strings to create melody lines. Keyboards are difficult to carry around.


I usually work on my laptop but I had this thought that I definitely needed an instrument. It accelerates my work and improves my understanding of chords.
Photo: Courtesy of BTS Suga | Instagram

Suga also mentioned that his collaboration with IU was another reason on why he decided to learn to play the guitar.
It’s easier to write a song because you can intuitively make a progression and try many different things. During my work on “Eight”, IU had recorded and sent me a song from her phone. At the time, I couldn’t play the guitar, so we tried to make sure we’re working on the same page when keeping track of each other’s progress. That made me feel the need to learn an instrument.
So BTS fans can look forward to the day when Suga plays the guitar on their next performance!
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