Blackpink’s Lisa Is Back for Youth With You 3

Blackpink’s Lisa is back as a dance mentor for Youth With You Season 3. Lisa is the youngest member of the popular girl group Blackpink, a bona fide style icon with more than 44 million followers on Instagram. Many aspiring idols look up to Lisa for her being a charismatic dance prodigy.

Photo: Courtesy of Lisa | Instagram

Youth With You is a Chinese group elimination reality show which premiered back on March 12, 2020 on video platform iQiyi. The reality show is presented by Cai Xukun with Lisa, Jony J, and Ella Chen serving as the mentors for aspiring idols. The show started with introducing 109 female trainees from different companies, who are being voted on by viewers. The top 9 trainees with the biggest votes in the final episode get to debut in the Chinese girl group.

The reality show also captures the pulse of contemporary pop culture and gives it a positive value of meaning, with a youthful attitude of “interpreting self” and “not defining self”, showcasing the mentality and struggle of the girls when facing their dreams. The audience can see the persistent efforts of young people, through this program, the youth passion released in the struggle, and the realization of the value of life on the road to dream.

iQiyi has achieved the localized innovation in the production of Youth With You. Creating high quality youth inspirational examples, the audience from all around the world can witness the spirit and attitude of Chinese girls’ youth and hard work, thus enhancing the influence of China’s new era youth culture in the overseas countries and viewers.

The reality show gathers 109 young girls with dreams who sing and dance well and will move towards the final debut through a four-month training and stage competition. Only 9 out of 109 of the girls can debut by forming a girl group, and they will be chosen based on the votes of the youth producers.

Photo: Courtesy of Lisa | Instagram

A lot of fans from around the world are excited to learn that Mentor Lisa is back for Youth With You Season 3 using #LISA_YouthWithYou3. This year will continue to see the performances of the charismatic dance mentor Lisa. Fans are ecstatic and can’t wait to see Mentor Lisa do an extraordinary job once again in the reality show. Some fans even twitted they can’t wait to see the strict side of Mentor Lisa of Black pink in the Season 3 of Youth With You. 

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